What Up Buttercup

13 Apr

Well hi there 🙂 

So one of my fav bloggers asked a good question a few weeks ago

helennaturally.wordpress.com x


The answer: I’m been here, having a frolickingly great spring and just plain disconnecting from the blogosphere

In case you were wondering: I have been reading all your posts but for some unknown (and probably never to be deciphered reason) I’ve been a lurker and a non-sharer (bet you have missed my made up words!)

The new less stressful blogging plan for me is to post Monday/Wednesday/Fridays but I’m not committing because when I do, I disappear for 8 weeks and fellow bloggers send out search parties (not really but that would have been AWESOME)

Here is a little bit of what I’ve been up to via the magical device in my life (oh stop it!) called the iPhone


I'm alive!!!! I'm also really sweaty and have a neck that belongs on a velociraptor???

Coming up on the blog (hopefully teeheeeee)

  • A makeup tutorial (not so much tutorial as this is the makeup I use, watch me put it on, there will NOT be a video, just photos, I’m not that into purposeful humiliation!)
  • Sock buns – they are all the rage and I feel the need to show you why my “bun” has so much volume now (sooo many places I could go with this, sooo many places)
  • Insanity review – yes we finished and oh yes it was insane!
  • A new challenge involving my favourite new workout
So i’ll seeya on Monday but in the mean time here are a few fun links!
1.  If you have a dog or even just know a dog check out this link, its between a owner and his dog and i die every time i read them (which has been more then a few) – this site is a wee bit inappropriate and has some language, prudes beware 😉TEXTS FROM DOG
2.  ANIMAL PHOTOS – disappointed animal photos – soooo funny and the example i’ve chosen is pretty fitting!

This Sloth
This sloth kind of feels like you should update your blog more frequently.

Hugs and Kisses
Your Slacker Blogger
Donna xox


Happy Love Day!

14 Feb

Happy day to appreciate the ones you love

This is my love…

And i can’t wait to explore the rest of the world with him

Happy Valentines day baby

And for those who don’t have Valentines?

This ones for you…

I know its entirely inappropriate but it made me laugh A LOT!

Happy Valentines day everyone, i’m off to find something pink AND red to wear, only day of the year i feel like its okay to do that, lol 🙂

Ha ha its Friday

10 Feb

I’ll be a wee bit more present on the interwebs next week cause i miss your lovely eyes reading my quirky words!

But in the mean time – Here is your Friday giggle

All sources can be found here

They lied!!!

This summarizes a majority of my weekends!

For this reason, i have never watched Jersey Shore

Seriously, i hate listening to voicemails! Text me and i'm all over it 🙂

Sorry font is small, the last part says, we know you are doing it for attention and you will be back

Anything yoda like makes me giggle

Iron? Isn't that what the dryer is for? 😀

Oh cookie monster, you are the $hit!

Now go get up to some shenanigans and i will see you for the weekend recap on Monday

Luv and smooches

Donna xox

Donna vs The Hockey

3 Feb

Okay so I did a very unDonna like thing last week

I went to a hockey game…pause….. and I liked it!

(kudos to you if you just got the Katy Perry song in your head like I just did!)

So here is how it went down

Left work early with a skip in my step because a) who doesn’t love leaving work an hour early and b) my knee was acting up from insanity and skipping helps 😉

Picked Dave up and gave the furry monster instructions to be good on her sleepover at Nana and Papas, she just seemed more concerned that we wouldn’t forget to give her a treat when we left, my dog as priorities

Stopped for a super quick gourmet dinner at Whole Foods and split our usual Turkey and Brie Panini with Organic salt and pepper chips and a new to us calorie free cola that wasn’t that great

Next up the GO train, we are small city folks and taking the train for us is F-U-N, brought back fond Italy train memories, and we were disappointed chocolate covered biscuits weren’t included in our journey but then neither was snotty Italian train conductors so we came to terms with it

We also eat Crème Brulet on trains and make sad faces when its all gone, THEN we take photos of the sad faces – I have to make this some time, any recipes for me?

Once in Toronto we wandered around a while then found our seats, too… .many…. stairs….. don’t they know we are in the middle of Insanity?

After we were seated, I prayed to the high heaven no one would sit in front of us – this guy did and had the nerve to put his coat over his chair in my foot space, I had some choice words for him which had Dave amused for the whole game, I’m bitter like that and brought it up all the way into the third period

Now THIS GUY was Ob-box-ious but really, whats a hockey game without really drunk yelling dudes?

Now part TWO of my hockey post, Ready for it?

Aka: Hockey Terms Made Up By Donna

Real Term: Checking
My Term: They do this way more then necessary and lets just call it what it is…  VERTICAL HUMPING

Real Term: Playing hockey
My Term: I know this shows total disrespect for the game but there seems to be a lot of flailing around, I call it PUSH AND PRAY because essentially this what they do with the puck

Real Term:
My Term: The dude in they way of the play all the time aka: THE HAMBURGLER

Real Term: Penalty Box
My Term: DETENTION for naughty boys who fight instead of push and pray

Real Term: Periods (don’t worry I’m not going there)
My Term: Never ending TIME WARPS – its not just three periods people it’s a whole lotta pre-game, then the 20 minute period takes like 40 minutes then there is the two 16 or 17 minute “intermissions” , thats a REALLY long time for someone with a teeny tiny bladder to not go wee 😉 (in case you are wondering that person is me!)

MY SUMMARY: So much fun, Would totally go again and I really love doing new things with Dave and cursing out random strangers who have coats with boundary issues

DAVES SUMMARY: The train was fun and i had lots of fun baby, can i go back to my iPad now?….. (i waited for more but apparently that was all he had, BOYS)


30 Jan

Nope i don’t have crabs


Hermit crabs i mean

I’m referring to dave and i’s Saturday activities

We stayed in ALL day with the exception of getting Papa Johns pizza and a small wee $20 visit to the Bulk Barn while waiting for the yummiest pizza EVAH (i’m a fan of Papa Johns have i mentioned this lately?) and whats with the rule you can’t spend less then $20 at the Bulk Barn? It goes along with the $100 Walmart rule, and $300 Costco rule and i wonder where my paychecks disappear too 😛

But you know what? I loved staying in all day, not rushing to a class at the gym (we did our insanity workout of course), made Apple Naan Pie for a late breakfast, which i fully expected not to taste as good and i was right…. it tasted BETTER!  I have a habit of trying to squeeze too much into weekends and i’m slowly learning to just embrace the fabulousness that is staying in and slow dancing in the kitchen to Coldplay while the doodle barks till we let her dance with us 😀

In other weekend shenanigans we had a date night Friday and saw Man on a Ledge!

Really enjoyed the movie though Dave managed to fall asleep half way through – i like rooting for the good guy and i also like kicking Dave when he sleeps in movie theatres 🙂

Saturday we spent putting up the new tv above the fireplace, it only took 2 different kinds of wall mounts and 4 hours with my parents help

It takes a village?

Tadaaaaa, Daves dream of a flat screen tv above a fireplace is finally achieved!!!!! However there was the awkward moment when my mum and i got pizza and we realized you can see the tv out the front door, lets hope our neighbors understand that come summer: we are watching True Blood and not crazy vampire porn 🙂

Sunday i got my Zumba on and then we did a little shopping and picked up some cupcakes to taste test before we delivered the rest to our friends and new parents of this darling girl

I have cupcake fever, only took me like 5 years to catch it

I wanted to take her home because she is PERFECT!!!

So since i’m writing this Sunday night i’m off to snuggle up with Dave and Sydney and watch Once Upon a Time, LOVE that show 🙂

"I'm sorry, did you want to sit here? That will be 4 doggie treats thankyouverymuch!"

Love you guys more!!!

Tell me how your weekend was xox

Insane for Insanity

23 Jan

Weekend recap below but first…

Okay i have a secret i’ve been keeping from you

The  reason i was a little mia end of last week?

I have a new lovah

FYI: I refuse to say or even type L-O-V-E-R, and people that put that word in their vows (you know.. you are my best friend AND my lover) should be SHOT, just sayin!

Anyway back to my new man

His name is Shaun T and he gets me hot and sweaty 6 days a week

Daves knows about this

He even joins us

I can only imagine the look on our family’s faces right now 🙂

Okay the gag is up….

We started the insane workout that is Insanity

Its a 9 week program of 10 DVDs designed to be the toughest workout challenge ever made

They aren’t kidding, its KILLER

Sweat drips everywhere (can’t be hygienic), legs do not work afterwards, and exhaustion is immediate

So what really is Insanity?

The INSANITY® workout might just be the hardest fitness program ever put on DVD. Your personal trainer Shaun T will push you past your limits with 10 INSANITY workout discs packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves. No equipment or weights needed. Just the will to get the hardest body you’ve ever had.

INSANITY® -The method behind the madness.

The secret to these mind-blowing INSANITY workout results: MAX Interval Training.

Shaun T took traditional interval training and flipped it on its head—you perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest. Each INSANITY workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour and get the most insane body in 60 days.

So why are we doing this? An extra umph for our workouts, we were getting a little bored with or current routines

How are we liking it?
We are loving it, obviously its only been 1 week out of 9 but the feeling you have after you finish is amazing

How hard are the DVDs
Really hard, there are parts i find easyish (a total word i just made up now) but by the time we get to the end of the dvd there is sweat pouring off of us – and this is really embarrassing  but i kind of puked after the fit test on the first day but that was a combination of my too much water and being a bit sick still – don’t let this put you off!!!

Where did we get the DVD’s?
At walmart for $139.99 (give or take $10 – sorry, my legs hurt too much to walk downstairs to find the receipt)

Any surprises?
We love doing the DVDs together, we are pretty competitive so we push each other
ex #1: he tells me i’m not dropping my ass enough in the squats
ex #2: i laugh at his attempts to do the heisman

So thats what we have been up to!!! And i really think you should do it Lynsey!!!!!!!! 😀

I took a before photo so you better believe i will show you before and afters, just, not yet 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine can be summarized like this

  • Gym
  • Cut off my baby finger *
  • Cooked meals for the week (before cutting off finger)
  • Lunch with the parents where i demanded cheese 185 times before they finally gave in and gave me 4 kinds to shut me up (score!)
  • Doodle snow angels
  • Bubble bath fails (EPIC FAIL, spilled my spinach smoothie in freshly drawn bath, 2nd attempt produced 2 inches of hot water)

This was my weekend friends, be jealous!

Here are the pictures in case you wanted more excitement 🙂

My new flash lulu tank glows in the dark at Zumba, i am both ecstatic and mortified!

Random early morning musings, my hair streaks itself and therefore i save SO much money on hair appts i can buy more lulu - ahaaaaaaaa 🙂

Awesome snackage - spinach smoothie and sour key!

Doodle snow beards make me happy!

I doubt spinach has the same benefits as seaweed, did i mention i was in the bath when it happened??? 😛

*Maybe cutting off was an exaggeration, more like slicing off a chunk, still hurt like a mother effer though 🙂

How was your weekend???

Have you tried insanity, any tips or tactics for me?????????????

Good Monday to you xoxooxox

Hungry for the Games

18 Jan

I’m a little late to the bandwagon for a certain series of books

But sometimes when I hear about how great things are I feel like that I want to rebel and staying far away from the things I hear people RAVE about

Reading the Twilight series – yes it was bad writing but it hooked me in and had introduced me to the world of vampires (which has now been taken over by TRUE BLOOD, anyone else DYING for the next season?) and Robert Pattinson who looks hotter as a human (just saying)

Soft Serve Bananas – yummmmmmmm

Spinach in Smoothies – can’t get enough

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series – desperate to see that movie!

And as for putting PB in oatmeal – wish I hadn’t done that and I’m officially nowhere near the wagon for that one – YUCK!

But after reading review after review about The Hunger Games, I put the set of books on my Christmas list and casually mentioned to Dave they were on sale at Costco

Then they were mine

And I read them in a week (and that’s only because I had to work during the day –uncalled for!)

Here is the summary of book one – my official favourite

Set in a dark vision of the near future, a terrifying reality TV show is taking place. Twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to appear in a live event called The Hunger Games. There is only one rule: kill or be killed. When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdee steps forward to take her younger sister’s place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature. 

Now I’m obsessively watching the trailer for the movie over and over

And texting and emailing everyone I know to see if they read the books and to discuss how hot Gale looks in the movie and how many days are left till March 23rd

So next time you are at a book store or the Library

Pick it up and I promise, you won’t put it down!

Your nerdy librarian


The Weekend: A Reenactment

16 Jan

Don’t you hate when you write out a word and it looks TOTALLY wrong, like reenactment in the title, looks like a hot mess of a word but according to the red squiggly master that resides over all of the spelling land i typed it correctly!

Sydney would like it to be known she is against the whole using "gnomes" as stand ins but did allow this one photo to be taken to appease me, treats might also have come into play


Okay so lets get to the meaning behind the title, i was still sick this weekend – oh so sick, hacking my lungs up and there is a possibility i might need CPR sick so not a lot happened , luon was definitely worn and me and the blow dryer were no longer besties – and i have to say what did go down was not photographed (the horror!)

So what does a blogger do when she has no photo evidence of the weekend?

Why reenact it with Gnomes!  (still looks wrong)

I know, i know, i’m weird and quirky but i swear to the iPhone gods, i didn’t take a single photo this weekend, not even of the dirty popsicle eating variety 😉

Before we begin, no i didn’t clone Rome the Gnome, Rome was actually our second gnome, our first one  turned out to be a little vertically challenged so we are always looking for, erm, taller gnomes to answer our dream of running around with a full sized gnome like they do on The Amazing Race, Rome won’t be our last, much to Sydneys disapointment 🙂

Okay lets get down to it shall we?

See the gnome on the right, she is UBER ticked her hubby gnome is fast asleep 5 minutes into the movie and date night at home is RUINED, ruined i tell you (she was a little dramatic as sick people gnomes tend to be)

 The movie we were watching? Contagion, just an FYI to all currently sick hypochondriacs out there – DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! Lol, lots of stars, interesting subject matter, but i had more questions then answers at the end and i really convinced myself i had a much worse disease then a head cold!

Saturday pretty much consisted of  grocery store shopping and then forcing my parents to start watching Game of Thrones and obnoxiously interupting every 5 minutes to point out who we felt were important characters and whispering to each other loudly annoying things like “hahaaa famous last words”, and “ohhhh talk about foreshadowing!” then i developed a little quirky issue come bed time

This is a shot of when i, the silent sleeper, developed a grunt in my sleep! After my 12th grunt Dave woke me up to ask if i was okay - it took 10 minutes and doing it again to realize i was indeed grunting when i relaxed to enter sleep and then it just became funny, dave however didn't think it was so cute after the 30th grunt and this photo is of him contemplating jumping out of bed head first (i'm quite sure his first idea was too push me out!) 😛

Sunday was an epic verbal match over who would walk Sydney in the -16 weather and in the end we both went and she was a happy fluffy doodle rolling in the snow and then pathetically putting up her paws for us to clean the snow out then acting spastic in the snow again thus restarting the cycle  🙂  Then i found a visitor….

Sunday Afternoon: Dave trying to kill our first spider with a paper towel (stupidest idea ever, everyone knows you use multiple tissues as there are less gaps for the spider to escape (which happened... 3 times), i am the gnome hiding in the laundry 🙂

Friends came for dinner and for the first time i did make your own gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, soooo much fun! and i even made Tomato soup from scratch, shockingly tasty!!!

Then Dave and i curled up in front of the fire watching the Golden Globes, anyone watch? I”m hoping to do a fashion recap tomorrow!

Before i go i HAVE to share this photo of our breakfast on Saturday – super simple and tasted “JUST LIKE APPLE PIE” according to Dave – sorry the recipe is vague buts its kind of a bit of this, bit of that recipe 🙂


I lied, i did take one photo 😀


1. chop an apple or two and throw it in a pot
2. cook it on medium with a little vegan margarine or butter
3. sprinkle it with cinnamon and add in some raisins
4. towards the end throw in a dollop of apple butter and cook till warm and apples are soft
5. while the apples are cooking, spread some vegan marg or butter on one side of a piece of whole wheat naan bread and broil it until the butter has dried up
6. spread the apple mixture onto the naan
7. die from the deliciousness that is apple naan pie


Well thats all for me, i think i’m finally coming out of the worst of this cold, either that or experiencing an incubation period before the onslaught of worse symptoms that originated with a bat and pig…. oh wait… that was the movie!

What did yo get up to this weekend? I hope you left the house more times then i did! LOL 🙂


13 Jan

Tri-day!  Let me explain…

Its like Friday but i replaced the Fri with Tri cause that means 3 and i have 3 things to talk about this morning!(okay okay, honestly i only had 2 but then i came up with the title and i revamped, see how devoted i am to honest post titles for you friendly blog readers!)

1.Dear Invisible Sumo Wrester sitting on my chest – please leave and evacuate the premises, your crushing presence is pi$$ing me off and i have a life to lead and zumba to shake my tushie at THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

2. Oh Cadbury, why do you make your delectable Creme Eggs so readily available from January to May – my ass would appreciate a much smaller time frame since i can’t resist your delicious creme filled wonder and i *might* have tucked you into the butter tray in the fridge and i *could* be counting down the minutes till you and my mouth get busy!

Eatttttt mmmeeeeeeeeee

FRIDAY FUNNY!!!!!!!  We all know I am loving my new job but i can’t help but giggle at this work related list and i think after a such a long week, we all need a good chuckle!

How to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity in the Workplace
From: Our Funny Lists

1) Page yourself over the intercom. Don’t disguise your voice.

2) Find out where your boss shops and buy exactly the same outfits. Wear them one day after you boss does. This is especially effective if your boss is a different gender.

3) Make up nicknames for all your coworkers and refer to them only by these names. “That’s a good point, Sparky.” “No, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you there, Cha-cha.”

4) Send e-mail to the rest of the company telling them exactly what you’re doing. For example: “If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the bathroom.”

5) Hi-Lite your shoes. Tell people you haven’t lost them as much since you did this.

6) Hang mosquito netting around your cubicle. When you emerge to get coffee or a printout or whatever, slap yourself randomly the whole way.

7) Every time someone asks you to do something, anything, ask them if they want fries with that.

8) Encourage your colleagues to join you in a little synchronized chair-dancing.

9) Put your trash can on your desk. Label it “IN.”

10) Feign an unnatural and hysterical fear of staplers.

11) Put decaf in the coffee maker for three weeks. Once everyone has withdrawn from caffeine addiction, switch to espresso.

So what is everyone up to this weekend?
I’m on operation sumo-wrestler-be-gone in time for date night tonight with the BF*, and then plan on spending as much of my weekend wearing Luon as possible – wish me luck, lol 🙂

Yes i dress like a college student who robbed a Lululemon and no i don't care that Uggs went out of style years ago, they make my feet happy and happy feet=happy owner... or something like that!

* Thanks for your well wishes for Dave, he was feeling a little worse on Thursday which made me feel a little better about how well he took to the surgery, lol!  He is currently snoring beside me on the couch as i write this (Thursday night) but i know he would like to say thanks for thinking about him and his lack of any reaction to having 3 teeth ripped out of his head 😀

Babying my Baby

12 Jan

So Dave and i both had the day off yesterday

Was it to have fun and frolic around on a Wednesday?

This boy bears a striking resemblance to Dave 🙂

Oh no!

Dave was getting his wisdom teeth out and I was in charge of taking care of him (you know, me with the life threatening cold!)

This is how it went down

7:10am Got up and pat myself on back for sleeping in 70 minutes, yay flemmy, hacking me!

7: 11am Tell Dave to some relax a little while i make breakfast…. Find him playing video games

"I'm cute so you should go make me Oatmeal while i sit here and play fake baseball" 😛

8:00am  Ask Dave if he is nervous? – He says nope and i might have then proceeded to tell him the horror storys of what my sister and I went through when we got our wisdom teeth out (dry sockets, water syringes, tylenol 3 reactions)

8:02am Dave says he is nervous

9:30am Dentist office calls and the dentist is sick would he be willing to reschedule to 2:45pm? “yeah NO” was his response as he is now quite scared after my life threatening tale of getting my teeth out, so we get relocated to another office, one that isn’t near a cute coffee shop or walmart – bah!

10:00am Drop Dave off and wander around a liquidation store, the only thing around the new dentist office

10:10am Score 3 bottles of Essie nail polish for $8.99!!!!!!! This is the highlight of my morning, try not to feel guilty about being so happy while Dave  is having teeth ripped from his face 😛

"we will look SO pretty upon your toes!"

10:30am He is done already, what the heck??? Reception lady is confused by my asking Dave if he is sure they got them all out, why isn’t he bleeding everywhere, or confused, or more importantly: high  on pain medication (i was looking forward to the last part!)

11:00am Get home and make Dave his lunch of choice, french fries? Must not complain, must be good nurse – so i just make a  fun dip to go with the fries

Meh, nothing green on my plate makes me itch to sprinkle the fries with spinach or something 😛

12-2:00pm Watch Abduction and i drool over Taylor Lautners abs, we can’t decide if this movie was really good or really bad!

2-4:00pm Watch Whats your Number, love this movie! Soooo funny and the vows in the wedding scene make me cry!

4:00pm Dave decides he is well enough to wander around Lowes, i’m seriously annoyed, i’m sicker then he is right now, why isn’t he bed ridden, moaning for pain medication and a cold compresses!

4:25pm I’m giving up on the caring Donna role and tell Dave i’m bored and this is the face i get

When given the option of being Alvin, Simon or Theodore, he went with Alvin 🙂

4:26pm So this was my face in response

5:00pm Finally leave Lowes, i’m such a good care giver!

5:00-10:00pm Watch more bad movies and cuddle with the doodle who isn’t impressed we have been home almost all day interrupting her naps!

Really, anytime you two want to go back to work is fine with me!

Can’t wait till Thursday when our roles can reverse again and Dave will be the one bringing me popsicles 🙂

So since this post is pretty all over the place, here is my CRAZY QUICK iPhone recipe for Fry Sauce


1. Dollop of ultra low fat mayonnaise
2. 1 Green onion chopped finely
3. Small dollop of green yogurt (not pictured)
4. Teaspoon of curry paste
5. Dash of salt and Pepper
6. MIX
7. Get your dip on 🙂

Happy Thursday all – do you have your wisdom still? And if not was your experience as good as Daves or as traumatizing as mine?